A Trip To Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera – (Oriental Mindoro)

Puerto Galera - White Beach

Puerto Galera – White Beach

This was our first tour outside Metro Manila, well particularly not in Luzon. LOL It was my post-birthday celebration and it turned out that it had also opened my passion to start and write a blog. It was first a passion to capture pictures (not a good quality though and not a photographer too) about the places I go and everything that I would like to capture with my hand-held digicam.

Everything was smoothly done from the time I searched for a package online to the point of getting there and leaving the place. I thought of spending my birthday with my girlfriend in a beach as I never came to any beach last summer. So, I thought of having a beach celebration even a post celebration that is.  So I found a package online courtesy of Sea Jewel Beach Resort in White Beach, Puerto Galera. Here’s the link if you are interested (http://www.seajewelonline.com/PromosAndPackages.asp) We selected the “Couple OMG! OH MY GALERA! Beach Getaway 3D/2N for P2330 per person”. To me, a first timer going to Puerto Galera, I found it cheap as it already includes the following:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Breakfast
  3. 2-way boat ride (Going from Batangas Pier to White Beach in Puerto Galera and back)
  4. Batangas Terminal Fee
  5. And FREE van service from Puerto Galera to your reserved hotel.

The day came and we left on October 4, 2014. We went to a terminal but it looks like it was the wrong one and I should have followed what my gut was telling me. So, we rode a taxi straight to JAM Liner in Taft (near MRT Taft, left side) waited there for about 20 minutes before we boarded our trip. Make sure you ride a bus going to Batangas Pier via CALABARZON Expressway. Travel time takes about less than 2 hours and fare is about less than 200 pesos. And again, going to Batangas Pier was the only time that we paid for our travel.

When we got there, we don’t know yet exactly where to find our contact person Tess Magbuhos and we don’t know where’s the terminal 3 as we it was our first time riding a boat from Batangas Pier. We texted and called her and got her response quickly. We asked a security guard where terminal 3 is and upon getting there, we were asked immediately by one of the staff if we’re trying to buy a ticket going to White Beach. We told him that we have a reservation for 2 in Sea Jewel. He then immediately asked us if we are looking for Tess Magbuhos for our ticket. We said “YES” and immediately got our tickets. 🙂 With this quick assistance, it really made my day and wanting to see more favor in this trip. After getting our tickets, we waited for our boat name to be called. At around 1:30PM when we boarded our boat going to White Beach. It took us one hour before we got to Puerto Galera’s White Beach we never experienced any boredom. But instead, we are thinking of the places that we have to visit and what to do when we get there.

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Before we landed at the port of Puerto Galera, we are thinking of riding a jeep or a tricycle going to Sea Jewel Beach Resort. But to our surprise, there was a van already waiting for us, picking us from the port to our hotel. Well, I wasn’t sure if I saw this freebie from our reservation though but it definitely is helpful moreover to first timers like us. We were also welcomed by two staffs of Sea Jewel with my name in a banner the time that we arrived. So, we went in for a quick check in our room and it looks nice and clean.

Sea Jewel Room

Sea Jewel Room

After taking a peek inside, we head out and took a glimpse on what Puerto Galera is known for. It’s White Beach. We just got annoyed when locals keep on asking you to get their packages. They will even follow you wherever you go just to get their package. Good thing was that we got our package (with haggle involved) in a very low price. Of course, I made the deal with my haggling technique. LOL. We got the package which includes:

  1. Snorkeling includes feeding fish with bread (monay)
  2. Spelunking
  3. Island Hopping (at least 2 islands) (Balangan Beach and I forgot the other one)

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There’s a lot of activities that you can try here in Puerto Galera. There’s also a well – known banana boat ride (250php per person), jetski rental (3k for 1 hour), Flyfish (250php per person), Para-sailing (2.5k for 1 hour) and more. We have not tried them all but the next time that we go here, we probably will. You can also find options where to eat your lunch and dinner by the beach. It’s a whole – beach stretch of resto’s that you can think of. Our breakfast? Well, it was included in our selected package so luckily, early in the morning, we never have to walk to the beach and search for a place to eat.

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Night life was pale when we went here last October 4-6, 2014, the very reason is that it is off peak. LOL But I enjoyed it though better than peak season (I guess). In the morning, we went for our last round of swimming and ‘shopping’ for pasalubong. 🙂 My last day was never that exciting at all. I experienced this stinging sensation called Seabather’s Eruption. But ultimately, I enjoyed every second we stayed here in Puerto Galera. When to visit this place again? Well, we’re not yet sure but definitely will include in our “To-Go” list.

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