Buffet 101 – A Dinner with Barkada’s

October 31, 2014 (6:37PM)

I have a friend visiting Metro Manila from Cebu for a conference held by their church. I was informed by my girlfriend that they are planning to have a dinner with her dear college friends with a friend visiting from Cebu. She then thought of some buffet selections and places and finally picked Buffet 101 in SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. We called in for a reservation for 6 persons a week before that day. I’ve eaten numerous times on numerous occasions on numerous buffets but I have not tried eating yet in an International Buffet. We have searched online for blogs, reviews and feedback about the resto and found nothing bad about it so, we head on and arranged our reservation.

Days gone by with excitement, we traveled south and fixed a meeting place. During the time of waiting, me and my girlfriend enjoyed seeing different things in the place. Also, because it feels like it is already Christmas. Christmas season here in the Philippines starts when the first day of the “BER” months come (SeptemBER 1 onwards). So, our group gathered in the venue, went in for a glimpse and saw food. Yes, Food. Lots of it. Wide variety of it. I am not sure but I am not fond of eating too much of things I have not tasted yet. So, I decided to have at least have a plan of attack. I went in and grabbed my first plate. My choice? Of course, not the heavy meal (yet) but salad. Oh yeah! Veggie salad that is. I don’t know, but I know for a fact that my plate does not look so enticing too. 😀 It just looks like my plate turned green.

First Plate (Garden Salad)

First Plate (Garden Salad)

My girlfriend and I have different approach in getting our food. We have two plates, yes, but it has different kinds of foods in it so we can both taste it and without wasting it. 🙂 Nice and wise approach. My second plate? Fruits. With the combination of red and yellow watermelons, orange, and papaya. I also took a slice of one of my favorites. Cathedral Window Gelatin. They have different kinds of food that you can choose from whether you like pasta, maki, meat, veggies and fruits, ice creams, bread, desserts and a lot more that I have not written down.

Second Plate - Fruits

Second Plate – Fruits

My third plate is a combination of different desserts. Chocolate ice cream, panna cotta, marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate, leche flan and some mini cakes. I am not really a fan of sweets. I am known not eating one and is satisfied if I can have only a taste. But this night, I see to it that I will taste everything that my pallet would like to taste. It is not everyday that you can go to a buffet and eat different varieties of food.

Third Plate - Dessert

Third Plate – Dessert


Now, am I satisfied? Hmm.. Yes, definitely am satisfied. We paid 800php individually which is not really that bad at all after enjoying these different kinds of foods and of course, with your friends. One of the things that I did not enjoy was the way on how they sing to the birthday celebrants. To me, it became too noisy hearing the same songs over and over again. It is not like eating in Vikings where they have numerous songs that they sing to their birthday celebrants.

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