Vikings (International Buffet)

November 15, 2014 (6:00PM)

This was my second time in an international buffet. Since I enjoyed my first experience which was in Buffet 101, I am hoping and am positive for this second experience. And it never disappointed my expectations. Although the dishes and varieties of food are not that of my first experience, but everything went well from the ambiance, service and of what else? of course the taste of the food.

I was with my girlfriend to celebrate her mom’s post birthday with the rest of her family members and bestfriend. To start off, we opened the night with a salad. I am not sure what to get that night so I grabbed anything that looks delicious. And again, there’s not a lot to choose from. My first plate was a combination of cucumber salad, caesar salad and green mango salad with some bread which I don’t know the name and a turnip salad (black-large spoon). I’m not sure about the taste as the green mango salad to me tastes like an appetizer but it surely did make me want for more. 🙂

First Plate - Veggie Salad

First Plate – Veggie Salad

Then I head on and started my second plate with a dessert, I’m not sure why but I just want to have a dessert after the salad. So, I took a plate with rocky road and chocolate ice creams, 3 different panna cottas, fruit salad, creme brulee,  and with mango shake. You can really find joy when your tongue’s palate first taste the sweetness on these kinds of desserts. It was really an amazing experience. I have also tried their lamb (picture not taken) which I think was not that too tasty without the sauce/s. Or probably I was expecting a lot. But then, it never turned my night heavy as the other dishes pulled my unsatisfied palate taste for more.

Second Plate - Dessert

Second Plate – Dessert

I have not taken enough pictures necessary to fill this blog but I know that you have a lot of ideas about what you might see and taste when you dine in. We paid P888 per person which was more than my first buffet but it’s fine. I enjoyed everything anyway. 🙂

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If you are interested about their promos and prices in every branch, please click the picture below. Hope you enjoy this blog and I hope it helps.



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