The Cafe Mediterranean – Flavors of the sun

November 30, 2014 – (8:13PM) | SM Mall of Asia (Pasay City, PH)

We met with my girlfriends previous colleague for a dinner treat. We have tried searching for different restaurants with different cuisines but we found none available. As it was on a Sunday and right after payday, we know for a fact that there was only a small chance in getting a place to eat.

We went down an escalator and found this small restaurant right in the corner. Tried to browse their menus and of course, we were quite hungry so we went in and tried it. First thing that you will notice is that this restaurant is quite small but has some tables and chairs outside. (not ideal if it is warm) The walkway inside is quite too narrow and only few people can dine in. Anyway, we had our reservation and looked at the menu (sorry for not taking picture of the menu) and ordered some dishes. I have asked for their specialty from the waiter and said we should try their “KEBAB“. Their restaurant promotes more on middle-eastern kinds of dishes.

We finalized everything and here’s what we have ordered. (with links from their website)

I personally have ordered this Grilled Beef with Moroccan Rice Pilaf. I’m not really sure what to expect from this dish and it does not look enticing after looking at it. The rice is brownish and I’m not sure how did it happen and how it was made. It also has raisins and nuts. I was not sure about how to grade it as for me, it lacks some flavor to it. By the way, the plate also includes  Tabbouleh. Tabbouleh is a combination of nutty cracked wheat (bulgur), tomatoes, and parsley. It tastes sour and probably I will put it in salad category. So that was the first thing I did not like about the rice, second was the white and thick – creamy side dish (I don’t know what it is called).

Grilled Beef with Moroccan Rice Pilaf

Grilled Beef with Moroccan Rice Pilaf

We have also tried their Greek Salad and it is not that too different compared to other garden salads that I have tried. But it still tastes good and feels like and acts as an appetizer to me. The only difference that I saw was that it has some olives to it. To me, it is not about seeing and believing. It is all about tasting and believing.

Greek Salad

Greek Salad

Grilled Chicken with Phita

Grilled Chicken with Phita

Lastly, we have tried their Americana Pizza. At first we thought of it as a regular pizza but later that we know? It’s base is made of pita. Although it looks and tastes dry, at least we have tried it although I am not sure if I will for this pizza again.

Americana Pizza

Americana Pizza

My review? 5 is the highest

  • Taste = 3
  • Ambiance = 3
  • Service = 4

Overall? = 4

For more information about The Cafe Mediterranean, please click on their logo shown below :

The Cafe Mediterranean







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