Converse (Marikina Warehouse)

65 General Molino Street, Parang Marikina (December 14, 2014)

You are telling a lie if you will say to yourself that you are not curious when you see the word SALE!! everywhere you go. It may sound weird but most of the time, we tend to stick our faces within the crowd just to see what the items are on sale and how low we can buy the items for.

This time, we just heard some rumors from our friends that Converse Philippines always open their warehouse for a super sale during December every year. To our curiosity, we went there days after we have heard it. It might not that easy to get to the place if you are a first timer but I will try to give you idea where to go and what to ride and of course, courtesy of some blogs and websites that we have read this information from.

We started by going to Katipunan as we came from Santolan in Pasig City. In Katipunan under the overpass, we rode a jeep going to “Parang” Marikina. You can probably ask the driver of the jeepney to drop you off in Parang Marikina Market as the warehouse is near it. Again, it was my first time going here so probably you can help me what to add after this. So, we asked security guards where the Converse Warehouse is and pointed us to the right direction. They will surely going to give a hint that the place is surrounded by trees.

We got to the place around 9:30 in the morning and wondered if it is indeed the right place as it looks like an abandoned warehouse from the outside. You will not notice that it is already the Converse Warehouse not until you see the front gate (shown in the picture below). With excitement, we went straight in without hesitations. There were few kinds of things that you can but here, from their known design of shoes (plain and detailed), shirts, polo shirts, polo, jogging pants, shorts, jackets and bags.

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We went for a closer look at the shoes which are on sale. We noticed that it is not that much so thought already of the fact that the opening sale was last December 6, 2014 and will end on December 21, 2014. We are already late I know so we still looked for the shoes that might give us interest. I just thought that I want to have plain, hi-cut, white shoes that I can wear so that was what I aimed to look for. You will see wide varieties of shoes here from designs, colors and of course, your size. Oh by the way, would you believe if I say that they are also open during weekends? Oh yes they are.

We first looked around, and checked how we can dig in to find what we are looking for. Nowadays, we do not after the physical appearance of the item on sale but we go straight by looking at the tag price. I admit that I am one of those. I am not sure if you notice but your 100 peso bill’s value is not as same as it was 5 or 10 years ago. So we have to value every peso that we have. Back to my story. Their colored and different style of shoes which probably you will see in malls go about 2,000php or above. Here, you will get the benefit from their 50% off up to 70% off. Some shoes will go from 3,100php down to 1,750php. BUT! Here’s the thing, some of them are made in different countries. From Taiwan, Indonesia and China. So you have to be choosy if you are to buy your quality shoes. Aside from this, we noticed that there are some dirty shoes (but not used or 2nd hand) in the isle. Most of them are plain white in both hi-cut and low-cut. I tried to compare the prices and a bit surprised as you can buy the shoes from 400php to 800php to 1000php only from their original price from 1,800php above.

As I have mentioned before, I like to buy white shoes but it seems that I can stretch my 3,000php budget as many shoes as I can get. I am not that picky as some has this thinking about Converse shoes that “The dirtier and older the shoes is, the better it looks.” So I guess, buying the not so dirty shoes is better than buying it with much higher value. I bought 4 shoes (2 hi-cut and 2 low-cut) shoes for only 2,449php. I you will notice, you could only buy perhaps 2 shoes in this amount in malls. All in all, with my girlfriend, we bought 6 shoes for only 4,549php.

Sets of ShoesI think this is a good way to buy shoes if you are really in a tight budget like me. But of course, do not set aside the quality. From a different blog site, I found out that the sale might go on the months of March, September, October and December of every year. Thanks to Marikina City blog site. Watch out for more SALE!! SALE!! SALE!! 

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