Mr. Choi Kitchen

2/F Robinsons Galleria, East Wing, Ortigas Ave. cor EDSA Quezon City | (December 26, 2014)

Mr. Choi Kitchen’s delicacies are mixed asian, some are Japanese and most Chinese dishes. We ate here as we have seen different reviews about the place. Some comments say that dining here is worth every penny. But some comments say that they do not wish to dine here again because of a bad service or probably they are not really pleased at all or their tongues pallet is looking for something that it has not tasted before.

We have chosen this restaurant in evening of December 26, 2014. My girlfriend told me that she have tried this restaurant before and she was pleased with the food and the service. So we head on and looked at their menu. For a sample of their menu, please see the image below. Thanks to Zomato for their sample menu.

Mr. Choi Kitchen Menu

Mr. Choi Kitchen Menu

We have chosen to order the following :

  • Beef with Broccoli (worth 250 Philippine Peso)
  • Soft Beancurd with Mixed Mushroom (worth 172 Philippine Peso)
  • Chilled Taho and Gulaman (worth 70 Philippine Peso)

Let’s go first with the Beef with Broccoli. It tasted like a regular beef steak but quite a bit saucy when tasted. Aside from the way it was presented, it tasted good honestly. veggies are crisp and fresh and really relaxes and balances the flavor of the steak.

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Their Soft Beancurd with Mixed Mushroom? To be honest, I did not enjoy this dish but my girlfriend did (weird). I did not like the taste as it tastes like everything has been thrown in. It made me confuse to taste different ingredients. So, this dish is not really a hit to me.

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And last, dessert. I don’t know what to say about their Chilled Taho and Gulaman. I have tasted this same combination before from different restaurants but not the same as the picture shows. Their Chilled Taho and Gulaman is a combination of black gulaman with caramelized sugar, beancurd, quite big pieces of shaved ice and cherry on top. First taste really matters if you really after the taste. The big disadvantage of this dish is that there was more ice than the gulaman or jelly and the beancurd. If the ice melts, it will make the caramelized sugar senseless. So perhaps if you like to taste this dish, ask them to serve it later.

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So I guess, this place is not that bad if you simply would like to enjoy the food. It is not too pricy and won’t make a hole in your pocket. But if you are indeed a food blogger and is sensitive to food details, then I must say that you have to consider the fact that this is not a five star dine in.

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Want me to blog something else? Send me a comment or contact me. You know how. 🙂 Till our next blogging.


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