Pepper Lunch

Upper Ground Floor, Building A, SM Mega Mall, Ortigas Center, Pasig City | (January 5, 2015)

It was the evening of Monday when we went for a little shopping, buying our office stocks (mainly cereals and foods) and when it’s getting late, we noticed that we haven’t eaten yet. Most of the restaurants in Megamall are already full and to us, it seems like we have to try something else, a different restaurant if you will. Somewhere we can taste a different kind of meal or perhaps a new name of a restaurant. Then we thought that we have never tried eating yet in Pepper Lunch. We know for a fact that do have pricey menus so, here you go with the screenshot of their menu.

Pepper Lunch - Menu

Pepper Lunch – Menu

We never knew that the price for 1 meal is good for 1 person only until we asked their cashier. To me, it is really pricey compared to its food house neighbors. So we still continued as we are expecting a different kind of taste and of course, we are both hungry. We ordered the following from the menu:

  • Curry Rice with Double Hamburg Steak (14) | worth P375 pesos
  • Chicken Steak and Barbeque Beef (18) | worth P327 pesos
  • Mug RootBeer with Misou Soup | worth P66 pesos
  • Iced Tea | worth P44 pesos

We had everything for a total of P812 pesos. If I will be asked, I can compare this to the price of Max’s Restaurant but not that decent. Perhaps we can say that this is still in a fast food category.

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The place is not that so different, accentuating it with wall writings / graffiti and that’s it. Now, the real deal. I love the Curry Rice with Double Hamburg Steak. I love the consistency of the meat as well as the flavorings in it. I just cannot relate as to why the corn is included in my rice. It doesn’t really makes sense at all to me. So, what I’ve done, I took their gravy and mixed it with the rice, adding it with peppers and some soy sauce and flavored it to what I like. The result? A gravy rice which is tastier than the normal rice they served. (I should have taken a picture of it). So, in the end, I like the dish but not really liking it that much if not because of the beef.

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The second dish was the Chicken Steak and Barbeque Beef. Now, I am not sure how I tasted though as I never tasted it even once. But my girlfriend’s comments are:

  1. The meat is not done well (uncooked) especially the beef.
  2. The mix of each ingredients are not that appetizing.
  3. It lacks flavor.

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So I guess, she already speaks for herself plus the fact that these dishes are very pricey. At least that she enjoyed the misou soup adding it with rice. So to us?

  • Not really a restaurant that you will go to if you are in a tight budget.
  • Always check the meat if you are okay with how it was cooked.
  • Fully utilize the given condiments.

I hope you like the comment that I have made (personal comment) for Pepper Lunch. If you have questions or anything that I can possibly help you with, just shoot me those questions.

For more information about Pepper Lunch, please click their logo below :


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