Mary Grace Café

Gateway Mall, Aurora Boulevard, Araneta Center, Quezon City, 1109 Metro Manila | (January 20, 2015)

I am grateful, thankful and blessed in celebrating our 40th month with my girlfriend. There may be ups and more downs, but it did not hinder us from becoming who we are today. I thank God for everything that have happened during those past months and will strive to give what I can give.

Anyway, back to blogging. 🙂

It was my first time to try Mary Grace restaurant but not my girlfriends first. She mentioned first hand that this is close to an Italian delicacy. The place really looks inviting and indeed feels like home. The ambiance and the uniqueness of their design is something new in any restaurants.

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Well, I am up for tasting something new and a different delicacy. So we went in and tried some of the foods in the menu and ordered the following :

  • Grilled Chicken and Oranges with Black Olive Dressing worth P290 pesos
  • Mary Grace Mushroom Cream worth P330 pesos
  • Margherita Pizza worth P465 pesos (whole pizza)
  • Tiramisu worth P120 pesos (per slice)
  • Hot Chocolate with Mint P121 pesos
  • Pepermint and Fruits worth P90 (per glass)

For more information about their Menu, please click this LINK.

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I personally ordered their “Grilled Chicken and Oranges with Black Olive Dressing” because I love eating different kinds of salads. I found nothing different at all the first time I have tasted this salad but then, my girlfriend said to try eating the veggies together with the meat, veggies with the sliced orange or veggies with feta cheese. Those three different suggestions made a lot of difference to my meal. It really adds some flavor to it, and it also emphasizes the taste of the meat, the cheese and the orange altogether. By the way, I am not a lover of olives.


Mary Grace Mushroom Cream

Mary Grace Mushroom Cream

Second is their “Mary Grace Mushroom Cream Pasta”. It is in a white sauce with creamy mushroom flavor in it. I dipping the bread in its cream as it creates a different taste when both tastes of the bread and the creamy soup combined.

Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza

A think sliced pizza with a different twist. This has olives, green leaves which I think is sage :D, ripe tomatoes, mushroom and cheese. I like the crispiness of the dough and taste of ripe tomatoes in one. Plus the taste and the softness of the mushroom combined. Truly, this is new to my pallet and I would really love to try their other pizzas.

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Basing from the taste of their Tiramisu, I guess there’s nothing really new compared to other Tiramisus available but I like the sponginess and the texture on how they have made it. I also like the strong coffee flavor in it and this is where we both enjoyed this dessert.

Pepermint and Fruits

Pepermint and Fruits

Their Pepermint and Fruits is second to what I like. I am not an expert on tasting and identifying the ingredients in a dish but all I can say is that this is very refreshing and a must try. 🙂 I like the minty and fruity flavor.

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And last but the the least, their “Hot Chocolate with Mint”. We both LOVE this drink. Warm, soft, creamy and so enjoying. This is something that we will buy again when we dine here.

I hope you like this blog but, if you have questions, comments, suggestions, feel free to send me a feedback.

For more information about Mary Grace Café, you can visit their website by clicking on their logo below :



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