Why Search En-Gine?

The title Search En-Gine was created because of few things that I like. I like to take pictures of (mountains, food, people’s faces, animals, etc.) anything that my eyes are amazed of. I am starting to write blogs, give reviews, feedback or anything that I can give to give kudos or needs for improvement wherever I go.

Who I Am

I am Dan Alelojo. And this is my first time creating a blog site to express how I feel about the places I go, every food that I eat and every mountain I climb.

 So, help me explore new things, new places and new faces and to every new thing the world can offer.

Me and my girlfriend


My objective is to give reviews to every places that I go to whether alone or with my girlfriend or with my friends and family. It is a good thing that someone can read reviews and learn from it. What to expect, how to react and what decisions to take and not.

Probably, my goal is to help individuals to find a way on how to enjoy places that I have visited and will visit in future as well as create a friendly – environment blog site.

Let me know how to improve this blog site even in simplest way possible.

So let’s go. Let me try to help you. If you want me to write a blog on something, you know where to contact me.